The dental industry is forever advancing and the technology which allows us to provide your treatment keeps on improving. These improvements allow us to offer treatment that is completed more efficiently and with added comfort.

At Beyond Dental we use the following state-of-the-art dental equipment & technology:

Diode Laser for soft tissue surgery

Our Diode Laser offers many benefits to our patients. Using the Diode Laser for Soft Tissue Surgery significantly reduces bleeding and also provides a faster recovery time. The Diode Laser may be used to:

  • Remove Soft Tissue Lesions

  • Treat Tongue-ties

  • Sterilise Canals in Endodontics

  • Cleaning of Periodontal Pockets in Gum Disease Treatment

  • Gum Lift Surgery


Computer-Guided Implant Placement Software ”Simplant”

Simplant® is state-of-the-art software used for the planning and placement of dental implants. This technology allows us to analyse, study and plan implants in 3D. Computer-generated guides enable us to execute a precise keyhole approach to Implant surgery. With Simplant® treatment can be minimally invasive with optimal placement accuracy and safety.

Satelec Piezo Surgical Unit

This technology uses high-frequency vibration to cut bone without damaging soft tissues in any way. This is highly beneficial in the placement of Dental Implants as it allows your Dentist to prepare the Implant site, remove or cut bone without the generation of heat (which could cause damage to the bone or bone cells). Use of the Satelec Piezo Surgical Unit also offers faster and more predictable healing; less post-operative discomfort; and reduced swelling.


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